Linguistic Concerns

I consider myself the standard of English, so I'm always right in matters of the English tongue. However, I must admit that sometimes I make typos, though; as I find myself getting older, I find myself making lots of typos, for instance, a recent invitation I sent out requested the "compnay" of those to whom the invitation was sent.

Unfortunately, my high-school English teachers in school would never acknowledge my claims to being the standard, and my English grades reflected this fact. In college, I gained the secret to appeasing English teachers, namely, always agree with the teacher and consider them the standard of English and of good taste. When writing a report, take some premise that they have made in class, preferably one that you disagree with so you have excessive passion about it, and support your teacher's viewpoint using every possible argument, especially the ones that you think are illogical or ridiculous — that's how I ended up getting As, after getting Cs when I dared expressed mine own opinions.

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