Curtis's pictures

Public albums

Here are some select pictures from various events and places. Since my friends and potential friends would most likely become my enemies if I were to post their pictures here to the world, I avoid doing so. However, if you are a friend who would like a bit more world-wide exposure on my web site, just contact me, and I'll make up an album all about you.

Travel pictures

I have documented several of my travels in pictures. Here are some with lots of pictures. I have tried to avoid redundantly putting pictures in multiple places, so, for instance, my Chinese landmarks pictures, should be mostly different from my China trip pictures.

Private Gallery

I have a private picture gallery of hundreds of pictures. However, you must ask me for authentication credentials to sign on. You may receive several questionable-certificate messages when trying to sign in. If so, just choose the option continue (and install the certificate if given the chance). The problem is that, for security, the site is encrypted, but browser makers do not want to make it easy for you to use a site of a lowly human like me.