From the desk of Curtis

the 5th day of March, A.D. 2013
Dear web peruser,

It's hard to write a generic welcome to the world on the Internet, as the audience is bound to include friends, family, the curious, the stumble-uponers, my colleagues, my acquaintances, friends of friends and their friends. To all of these with a good heart, I bid welcome. To trespassers, exploiters, abusers, and others of malign intent, I reject your presence and ask you to leave.

I wrote my first web site in 1995, hosted by Compuserve. At the time, I was so excited about the web and its potential, that I was able to create so much in a spurt of inspiration. This website today is not really changed all that much from that first site, as the novelty of the web has waned and I am not so excited as I was 18 years ago.

Although I do make updates from time to time, the updates are few and far between. I don't go blatantly advertising this web page around to my friends they'd think I was far nerdier than they already do. (Just a note about society: being a nerd doesn't make one near of a social outcast nowadays as it did when I was younger.)

The topics on my web page are not necessarily the ones that are the most important to me, but they give hints. If you look at my favourite links page, you might see a little into my mind. You can read my life summary (résumé) or read about some old plays I've acted in.

But it's hard to say things that are most precious. I love and appreciate God tremendously, but people have so many conceptions and misconceptions about who God really is, that I feel most comfortable talking or writing to people about God individually or in small groups. I once told a friend making a website of people's testimonies of their experiences with God that I couldn't really contribute mine because of the necessary intimacy impossible to a web audience, and he posted my e-mail rejecting him as my testimomy for the world to see. (I have decided it's OK, and I am certainly not ashamed.)

I hope that you enjoy my website and are informed or humoured by its contents.

If you'd like me to address something or another within the realm of suitable content, ask, and I'll see what I can do.

Thank you for visiting. I bid you grace and peace.

Curtis Smith