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Curtis the Traveller

I enjoy travelling, at least when I can take some time to experience a few good things. Some places I'd like to visit include Mesa Verde National Park (Colorado), Iguaçu Falls (border of Brasil & Argentina), Perth (Australia), and St. Pierre & Miquelon (French colony off Canada).

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Places I've visited and things I've done.

entity eaten slept sent
Alabama***   bus
Alaska****  plane
Argentina      *plane
Arizona **    car
Arkansas *     car
Bahamas ****  ship
Belgium ***** plane
Brasil      *plane
California***** plane
Cayman Islands*     ship
Cherokee **    car
China ****  walked
Colorado**  * plane
Conch Republic*     ship
Delaware *   * car
District of Columbia**    car
Ecuador***   plane
England****  plane
Florida***** car
France***** car
Georgia***** car
Germany***   plane
Guadeloupe*     taxi
Hong Kong***   plane
Illinois**    car
Indiana**    car
Israel** ** plane
Kentucky*     car
Louisiana***   van
Macau*     hydrofoil
Maine***   car
Maryland **  * car
Massachusetts**    plane
Mexico*     ship
Minnesota**    car
Mississippi****  van
Missouri**    plane
Netherlands* *   car
Netherlands Antilles*     ship
Nevada**  * plane
New Hampshire*     car
New Jersey**    car
New Mexico***   car
New York***** plane
North Carolina ***   car
Ohio       car
Oklahoma **    car
Ontario*     van
Oregon**    car
Pennsylvania ***** car
Québec **    car
Seneca**    van
South Carolina **    car
South Korea * *  *plane
Tennessee**    car
Texas**  * plane
Uruguay ***   plane
Utah      walked
Virgin Islands (British)* *   ship
Virgin Islands (U.S.)*     ship
Virginia***   N/A
Wales*     train
Washington*** * plane
West Virginia **    car
Wisconson*     car
state of the United States of America
independent country within the British Commonwealth
native sovereign nation within the borders of the United States of America
state of the European Union
country of the United Kingdon of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Colony, territory, etc.
Province of Canada

When I went to Hong Kong in 1992, it was a dependent territory of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In 1997, it became a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.

When I went to Macau in 1992, it was a Portuguese colony. In 1999, it became a Sepcial Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.

When I went to Saint Martin in 2006, it was a part of Guadeloupe, a French overseas department, in the French West Indies. In 2007, Saint Martin separated from Guadeloupe and became a French overseas collectivity. However, since I had originally put the term "Guadeloupe" on this page, I keep it to remember things the way they were, although I have never been to any of Guadeloupe except Saint Martin which is no longer part of Gaudeloupe. The other side of the island (Sint Maartin) was part of the Netherlands Antilles when I went there, but the Netherlands Antilles no longer exists as a political unit.

Note: Although I believe in the separation of Church and State, and generally recognise all ecclesiastical lands as sovereignties distinct from the surrounding political lands, this chart only lists the political lands. If you'd like, you may see a list of churches I have visited.

The list of Native Sovereign Nations visited is incomplete. Should include Navajo, Ute, Cherokee of Oklahoma, and several more (e.g., all that I-40 in Oklahoma passes through).

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