DeKalb County Government Personalities

When I was in the seventh grade (circa A.D. 1975), a series of four persons from our local county government spoke to my class. It was my task to take notes and write a report on each one's office and duties, including whether or not we liked the speaker.

Each report is recorded verbatim with spelling and grammar errors I leave for you to catch (some of the spelling errors are highlighted by certain browsers). If there were some way that I could easily convey my sloppy handwriting, I'd do that, too.

For information, I got a perfect score on this series of reports: 80 out of 80 possible.

Lt. Cook

He is one of Dekab County Depetys of the sherriff. The shrriff origonated in England. Now the Georgia constitution says he is the cheif law enforcement agent in the county.

The deputys must go to school and refresher cources quite often. The sherriff department handels all warrents, serves all legal papers, brings people to and fro prison, Is cheif law enforcement and many other things.

Decatur is where the headquarters of sheriff department is, but they think it will be moved to the Camp Circle Complex. There are 112 sworn in deputys.

I didn't like him 'cause he was bore ing.

Joe Mullenzham

He is one of the school board members. He is the chairman. He is also in our distric. There are 7.

They have 299 busses and 45 000/93 000 students ride them. In the Dekalb County budget 5/8 of the money goes one way to the school systym. Schools are paid from state at a ratio of 1 teacher:26 students. Librarians etc. are not included. They meat 2 mondays of Each moth. They are open to public because of the sunshine Law.

I didn't like him.

Bob Guhl

Bob Guhl is the head of the Board of Commitioners of Dekab County. He makes key decisions in the county. There are also six other people on the board of commisioners, but they are just part-time. The Board of commisioners is the commision of all the departments, not just sherriff, healt and judicial, but also, police, fire, parts and recreation, road and dranage, water and sewer, animal control and sone others two. It is also responsible for what they are doing like water and sewer department is making a second water facility in 1977-1980

The board of commitioners is in charge of county affairs like the budget; fore example in 1976 we will have the fourth (4th) largest budget in the state with over $100,000,000. It also is concerned with the new organization. But about the only thing it isn't in charge of is Board of Education.

I didnot like the speaker, because of the reason I like no speakers, 'cause they is all long and boreing. He always talked too slow.

Wayne Moulton

He is the coronour for DeKalb County. He is an elected official, there is one in every county exept Cobb, Chatam, and Fulton county. His job is to determine if a death in the county, exept if the person is in a hospital for over 24 hours. There is also a deputy coroner in case the coroner dies. He gets $10 000 a year. I liked him a lot because he looks like a guy from a horror movie.

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