Luke and Greg Conquer Florida

** Luke and Greg Conquer Florida ** ** Luke and Greg were two six-year-old boys from Georgia.  During the summer, Luke's dad took Luke and Greg down to Luke's granddaddy's farm in Florida. ** ** As they were playing, Luke and Greg found a hold in the ground.  They climbed in to a big cave. ** ** The cave was decorated with Indian paintings drawn by Alapaha Indians. ** ** They found some boar hides, some spears, and some 300-year-old rotten watermelons. ** ** They made a flag from the boar's hide and used a spear for the staff. ** ** The next room in the cave was a hall with many doors. ** ** They went through one of the tunnels and came out into the old Spanish fort in St. Augustine. ** ** Then they threw rotten watermelons at the guards and captured the fort.  They put up their own flag. ** ** Then, they went back into the tunnel, chose another door, and came out at the state capital of Tallahassee. ** ** After throwing more rotten watermelons at the governor and representatives, they declared themselves "Dukes of Florida". ** ** They went back into the tunnel to the cave, chose another door, and came to the Everglades. ** ** They killed the vicious alligators with spears.  The other alligators were glad that Luke & Greg had freed them from the cruel bully alligators. ** ** The alligators came with Luke and Greg to help them conquer the rest of Florida. ** ** The next place they went was the beach.  the alligators scared all the people away. ** ** The alligators thought they would eat Luke and Greg, but Luke and Greg threw rotten watermelons at them, and the alligators got sick and ran away. ** ** Luke's dad started looking for Luke & Greg so they might have lunch. ** ** Luke & Greg were hungry after conquering so much of Florida. ** ** They were so hungry that they ate catfish, field peas, butterbeans, deviled eggs, creamed corn, and banana pudding for dessert.  They thought it was yummy! ** ** The end **

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