The Dancing Shepherd

I am a shepherd dancing mirthfully about
Because I heard from mouths of angels such a shout
Of jubilant excitement, praising God above
Who sent his precious Son to here on earth with Love.
Elation flourished in my swiftly beating heart
As choirs of angels did their wondrous carol start:

All glory be to God upon the highest throne,
And on the earth be peace, good will to everyone.

I heard the angels' voices granting tidings of good will.
Their news was so exciting that my joy is heightened still.
A little Child in Bethlehem has just been born this day;
The Baby is a Saviour, purging all the world's dismay.

O Christ, the Lord, the newborn King, whom I do so admire,
To glorify your Kingdom is sincerely my desire.
© Curtis Smith 1985,2007