Without thee, I can't live

O Linda, whom I dearly love, and whom I call my friend,
I'll cherish thee devotedly so gladly without end.
I never thought it possible for me to care so much—
As how I care for thee, my joy, and long thy heart to touch.

I thoroughly enjoy the lovely times I spend with thee;
They're filled with warmth and cheerfulness thou freely grantest me.
Thou makest me feel wonderful whenever thou'rt around,
And by thy tender, precious presence, happiness I've found.

Thy mystic beauty so supreme doth lock mine eyes on thee.
My heart doth strongly palpitate when thou dost smile at me.
Mine earnest fond affection—to thee I freely give.
Sweet Linda, thou art wonderful! Without thee I can't live.

poem © Curtis Smith 1987
Curtis & Linda joyfully dance.