The Two Questions

Why is this night different from all other nights?
It is the night of the Two Questions,
The time of the week when we silence our song
And find a companion to probe for the right answers.
Apparently, no one has solved these riddles of old,
So we keep on guessing for the truth.
“How's your walk with the Lord?” is the first.
A rather vague, metaphorical query of unclear meaning.
Some deem it “How regularly have you been reading your Bible?”
Or perhaps, “What is the progress of your ecclesiastical study
Or your ‘personal quiet time’ with the Lord?”
But, can that really be “walking” or is it “sitting”?
When asked, I must respond as though I were asked,
“How have you been building God's kingdom here on earth?”
But responding in the positive is to brag,
Nullifying any heavenly reward God may have contemplated.
And responding in the negative is to discourage,
Crumbling that which has been built up in my companion.
Then the second: “What's the biggest thing on your mind?”
Well I could always answer truthfully,
“When's this interrogation going to be over?”
“Shall I remember my companion's concern long enough to pray about it?”
“Who is eavesdropping, trying to listen to what I say?” or
“I wonder where that missing alto is tonight.”
But no, I always say something about a good old standby:
My feeble relationship with my family,
My feeble relationship with my employer,
My English classes, my plans, my unfinished tasks,
Or my feeble relationship with everybody else.
Then it's time to pray. It's always the same.
“Father, forgive us of our diverted devotion and skimpy praise.
Wipe out our latest accumulation of hatred, lust, and envy,
Cleaning us and filling us with your love.
Thanks for my brother, address his concerns.
Bless us and guide us, for we know you're the best at it.”
© Curtis Smith 2002,2007