Tianjin, China 2006

In June, 2006, I went to China for a couple of weeks. Mainly, I was in Tianjin, but I also took a couple of side trips. Here are some pictures from my trip.

These students with their blue jeans and white T-shirts reminded me of the '50s days back in the U.S. Chinese students dressed in blue jeans and white T-shirts.
A Chinese picnic table with five seats. Chinese picnic table
Chinese workman sweeping the highway. There were also automated street sweepers that had four of these brooms tied together on a little truck. Chinese worker sweeping the highway.
Statue of Chinese tortoise Chinses tortoise statue
Statue of Communist workers outside of Mao Tse Tung's tomb in Tian'anmen Square. communist-labourers monument
Here is a picture of me in a Beijing department store with the Friendlies, the mascots for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Curtis with the Friendlies
Here is a sign at the zoo. Sign urging readers to "Find Police if in trouble."
Throne at the Forbidden Palace. Throne
Here, a woman gives the hot dog a sip of water out of a cup. Nice woman giving the dog some water to drink.
Goatherd driving his goats down the road. goats
The Great Wall of China. I am told that the crowds at the Great Wall are normally quite large, but, it was drizzling on and off the day I went, so I and one American woman were the only tourists there that day. This picture was taken by the lone souvenir salesman at the wall that day. Two Americans at the Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China in the mist. The Great Wall of China in the mist
Holland section of the Tianjin Water Park Windmill in the Holland section of the Tianjin Water Park
KFC shuttle in Beijing. Kentucky-Fried-Chicken shuttle bus
One day, we heard this man play is string instrument as the woman sang. You can also see and hear the music video. music in the park
Musical instrument in Palace Museum (Forbidden City) Chinese musical beast
Beijing train station Beijing train station
Here are the locked-up red pandas that I had to take a picture of through a high window above a locked door. I don't ever recall hearing of red pandas before. They are a bit smaller than the black & white pandas. red pandas
Chickens walking about on the brick sidewalk. chickens on the sidewalk
Butcher selling his meats on the sidewalk. goats for sale
This fellow uses his three-wheeled cart to haul timber. logging tricycle
Tian'anmen, the gate to the Forbidden Palace in Beijing. Tian'anmen
The sign for Tian'anmen. Tiananmen sign
Culture Street market in Tianjin. I never went there, just went past it in a taxi. Culture Street, Tianjin
Here is the façade to the Tianjin Peace Institute for Global Language Studies. Tianjin Peace Institute
Singing in my cowboy hat Singing in my cowboy hat

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