Cruise to the Bahamas

I was really amazingly impressed and pleased with my fantastically fabulous cruise to the Bahamas aboard the M/S Disney Wonder in July 2004.

Here is a picture of Linda in Nassau relaxing with the M/S Disney Wonder in the background. Linda sitting with the Disney Wonder in the background
Here's the ship without Linda in front The M/S Disney Wonder in port at Nassau, Bahamas
Here's LInda sitting by one of the pools. Linda at the pool
Here Linda and I are dining in Animator's Palate, the most interesting dining room on the ship. We also had to go to the Animator's Palate on the first day for a talk about lifeboats and so forth. dining in Animator's Palate
Here is Linda buying several pins on the ship at an ephemeral shop on the ship. There's lots to buy on the ship. Buy, buy, buy, buy, buying pins
When we arrived at Castaway Cay, the wind brought us a brief tropical shower. A windy tropical show greets us on Castaway Cay, an island which Disney purports to own in its entirety (under Bahamian sovereignty).
But soon it cleared up, revealing the beauteous island and its magnificent beaches with crystal-clear waters. What fun! Here are Linda and I relishing our time at Serenity Bay Beach on the cay. Linda & Curtis at Serenity Bay Beach
Linda personally requested that I post this photo of the general beach area in spite of the fact that I took the picture as we were lying down in the hammock. beach area
Chip, a crew member thankful for Disney's diversity policy as it applies to discrimination against non-human species. Crew member Chip (so named for his nose the col­our of a choc­olate chip) greets us at break­fast. Chip has taken ad­van­tage of Dis­ney's liberal di­ver­sity-in-hir­ing policy which ap­par­ent­ly pre­cludes any sort of discrim­i­na­tion against non-human species.
Linda was delighted when Willem the waiter scooped up her crumbs with his special device at Triton's restaurant aboard the ship. Waiter with scoop
Dinner aboard the Wonder was much more wonderful than at this rat-haunted dinner table on another ship we saw in Nassau (in the Pirates of Nassau museum). Mickey's cousins, the rats, eat at their own table in the Nassau in the Pirates of Nassau museum.
I'm told this is the punishment in Bahamian schools for misspelling the word outmanœuvred in the American spelling style (that is, outmaneuvered). discipline in Nassau
Linda relaxexth on the deck chair: Linda relaxing
sea-sick video game The ship was so huge and had so many sta­bi­lising de­vices that no one got sea­sick except for this hyper­sen­si­tive elec­tronic device in the arcade. I'd seen ref­er­ence to the “Quarter Mas­ters”, pre­sum­ably a normal quar­ter­mas­ter's office where folks could go if they needed an extra pil­low or some rope or what­ever. But no, Quarter Masters is the name of their arcade. I'm not sure if you can really use quarters there; most plac­es on the ship you couldn't use cash but had to use a Tinker­bell credit card to have every­thing billed to your room.
Here is the Disney cruise terminal as it looked upon our return to Port Canaveral on a foggy Thursday morning. Disney terminal at Port Canaveral
See you real soon! Mickey Mouse biddeth fare­well to the pas­sen­gers as they dis­em­bark from the wonder­ful M/S Disney Wonder.

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