The Bethlehem Inn

Hello. I am Zack. I'd like to share with you the events from when I was a young whippersnapper --a couple of thousand years ago, when I was still alive. Well, you see, I was working down in this inn in Judæa in some town--oh yeah--it was Bethlehem.

Although a mere "servant" at the inn, I had aspirations of greater things. I wanted to be in the midst of something big. And, boy, did I ever get my wish when this particular couple from Nazareth started looking for a place to stay.

Well, you could have seen Mr. Curtis Smith (the host of this web site who portrayed me) along with his fellow actors of The Good News Players perform a reënactment of this exciting night in the play The Bethlehem Inn by John Carter.

The presentation, directed by Joyce Ray, was at Clairmont Hills Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia, U.S.A., on 8 December 1996.

At the Bethlehem Inn, we were well known for our culinary delights, and, naturally, supper was served as a part of the evening.

Rundown of the events of the evening

As I and my fellow servants start to serve supper to the guests at the overcrowded inn, Joseph and Mary, two travellers from Nazaerth, come seeking room. We can't seem to find any alternative but to have them stay in the stable.

A big, bright star appears and terrifies us all. We're not really sure what to think. On top of that, we find some fellows peeking in the windows of the stable.

These fellows turn out to be shepherds (I knew it all along) who tell us the beautiful story of how angels revealed to them the birth of a special baby: viz., Christ the Lord. It turns out the baby was born to Mary, the expectant woman whom we had sent out to the stable.

We end up going out to the stable to see the newborn child. How precious! His name is JESUS. I like that name.

The Cast
Innkeeper and Family     Servants at the Inn
Eli MerrimanTruman JohnsonZackCurtis Smith
Sarah MerrimanMarsha SilvaEstherMarion Simpson
RuthLily FincherRachelJeri Huseth
HannahAlicia SimpsonAmosMark Burkardt
JonathanGreg Huseth
Unexpected Visitors
ShepherdsMaryAlison Myers
NathanRoyce ByrdJosephDennis Cummins
MichaelJeff WarrenBaby JesusTyler Rose

Produced by special arrangement with Contemporary Drama Service,

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