The Incidents

The drama group Good News Players of Clairmont Hills Baptist Church performed a series of sketches for the seven Sunday evenings from 19 April 1998 - 31 May 1998. These sketches were a substantial part of the evening worship services. Each night there was one sketch portraying a Galilean Incident involving Biblical characters who have encountered Jesus, and, six of the seven nights, there was also another sketch about a present-day incident dealing with comparable circumstances.

To find out when I or your favourite actor or actress appeared, just consult my chart.

Actor19 April26 April3 May10 May17 May24 May31 May
Amanda Silva       
Amy Poole       
Curtis Smith   
DeAne Beebe     
Greg Huseth, Jr.       
Hope Woodruff       
Jeri Huseth    
Joanna Burgess     
Josh Lee       
Josh Valtos       
Joyce Ray      
Keller Johnson       
Mark Burkhardt       
Marion Simpson  † ☺   
Marsha Silva    
Phyllis McGee       
Royce Byrd  † ☺    
Storey Thompson       
Truman Johnson    
Legend:= Appearing in present-day incident
= Appearing in incident with Biblical characters
WeekGalilean IncidentModern-Day Incident
19 AprilIncident at the WellWater
26 AprilIncident of the Stolen HealingDead Sure
3 MayIncident of the Samaritan LeperVanities
10 MayIncident of the WeddingWhat's Cooking?
17 MayIncident of the Family Visitnone
24 MayIncident of the PigsOur Little Secret
31 MayIncident of the Barley LoavesSomething of Consequence

Each performance was a part of the regular Sunday-Evening worship services at Clairmont Hills Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia, U.S.A., for the seven weeks from 19 April - 31 May 1998.

Those who came on 31 May 1998 got a special treat: not only did I perform well in the skit Something of Consequence, but I also had a three-line off-stage part in the Biblical incident as well. Sorry, but I did not record all other parts that were performed totally off stage.

Also, let it be known that Mr. Burkhardt also played the rôle of a side-stage news reader, introducing or recapping some of the Galilean episodes, but, alas, I cannot enumerate which precise performances of which the mock news shows took place.

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