Mr. Jeff Warren portraying Rev. Jimmy Trivitt
Rev. Jimmy Trivitt
Joe Bob WorthTruman Johnson
Mary Belle WorthJeri Huseth
Rev. Jimmy TrivittJeff Warren*
Commercial ActressJoanna Burgess*
Camera TechnicianJennifer Stone
LeckyMarsha Silva
HankJeff Warren*
SlimCurtis Smith*
Felicia FeerceDeAne Beebe
IRS AssistantsJanet Johnson
Joanna Burgess
Nurse PotionMarion Simpson
Sister CeliaJoyce Ray
Billy EdCurtis Smith*
* Actors playing duel roles [sic]

Joe Bob

Howdy, folks! Rev. Jimmy Trivitt, host of the renowned television show "Lifestyles of the Rich and Faithful", interviews cattle & oil tycoon Joe Bob Worth and his lovely wife Mary Belle at their Texas ranch. Rev. Trivitt preaches the gospel of health and wealth, but after watching this fellow, you might start reckoning that he's not exactly in the preaching business for the glorification of the Lord, but perhaps for the glorification of his wallet to siphon off a few of those donations he asks his viewers to send to P.O. Box 666 in New Haven, Tennessee.

Joe Bob is an unwavering devoté of Jesus Christ. However, Joe Bob starts getting a few pieces of bad news: the cattle die, the oil wells burn, his family is disgraced, he gets miserably sick, his belovèd wife abandons him.

An elderly matron comes by and say how his misfortune is God's punishment for some secret, hidden sin which he needs to confess to her (apparently to fill up on gossip material).

Another college boy tries to get him to deem God a nonsensical fairy tale, attributing both his prosperity and demise to mere chance and happenstance. But Joe Bob knows God to be the true Creator and Sustainer of the universe, and the conversation with the college boy only strengthens his own understanding of how indeed God is in control and cares for Joe Bob even through his apparent misery.

God rewards Joe Bob for his devotion and blesses him materially as a reward. Joe Bob's family is restored and his possessions are restored far beyond what he ever had before.

Jeri Huseth and Truman Johnson portraying Mary Belle and Joe Bob Worth
A rather upset Mary Belle Worth with her worried husband Joe Bob

Joe Bob, a play by T. M. Williams was per­formed by the Good News Play­ers of Clair­mont Hills Baptist Church as part of a dinner theatre. There were three per­for­mances on 30 April, 1 May, and 2 May 1999. Joe Bob is roughly based on the plight of the Bib­lical persona Job—with a bit of dra­matic licence taken.

The performance was directed by Joyce Ray. Jennifer Stone and Craig Eleazer were the sound and lighting technicians.

Joanna Burgess portraying Commercial Actress Commercial Actress

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